About Our Farm

​​Baker’s Farm is a fresh pork farm based out of Mount Jackson, Virginia and is owned and operated by Steve Baker. Over the past 45 years Steve has grown a successful local farm to table business that cares about the hogs starting at birth. ​​  Our from birth to table approach allows us to bring our customers the highest quality of pork! Read more here.

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Meet Steve

“Independent hog farming is my life, with 50+ years of raising hogs, crossbreeding; Hampshire, Yorkshire, Berkshire, Belted and Durocks which has produced healthy breeds, so we can bring our customers the highest quality pork the valley has to offer. We strive to be a true “Farm to Table.” Along with raising the hogs, we grow their food source and built a USDA facility to process our hogs here at Baker Farms. We are one of the last independent hog farmers around, and the only one who does hogs exclusively in the region. Others may sell pork, but they don’t raise them.”
-Steve Baker

The History Of Baker Farm


The Baker family purchased the land where the current processing center is built.


The processing center is completely build and opened for business.

After watching the market turn to vertical integration, Steve recognized the need to diversify his business. In 1980 there were 750,000 pork farms across the country. Today there are only 50,000 and many are not independently owned. In 1999 he was the first to use direct marketing. He reached out to a local USDA facility to have proper labeling. By 2010 Steve saw the need for processing centers on-site and created a business plan in conjunction with a JMU Master’s student in 2010. ​By the end of 2011 the blueprints were complete and construction began.